Brady Vineyard


Brady Vineyard Oct 2006The Brady family vineyard is the family’s dream, come to realization here in Paso Robles, California. Native lupines found on the vineyard property are reminiscent of the fields of bluebonnets that greet the spring in the Brady’s native Texas. Nestled in the Estrella Valley, Brady Vineyard is just far enough inland from the Pacific Ocean to build heat daily, but still close enough to enjoy the nightly cooling of maritime breezes. Established in 2001, the 24-acre site is ideally situated for world-class viticulture, with vines rooted in the gravelly soils that form a rolling alluvial terrace overlooking the Estrella River. Here, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Petite Sirah vines are planted at a density of 908 vines per acre, grafted onto rootstock and bred to seek out available water and nutrients in the sparse ground. Because of the inherent poverty of the site yields are limited to a scant 4 tons per acre, boosting intensity and concentration from the vines.  All of these elements together result in rich, fully-ripened grapes, ideal for producing big and bold Paso Robles red wines.

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