Winemaking Process


Brady Vineyard Winemaking ProcessBrady Vineyard wines are the result of years of perseverance, patience and experimentation, and part of Winemaker Don Brady’s a continuing adventure with wine. This adventure focuses on Cabernet Sauvignon as these wines, when finely crafted, best capture the “sense of place” and rustic terroir that is Paso Robles.

Each vintage harvest gets underway as soon as the fruit has reached full maturity, in about mid-October when vegetative flavors have subsided and prior to any shriveling of the grapes. The grapes are picked utilizing a mechanical harvester that sorts and cleans the grapes as they are being harveste,d eliminating the need for de-stemming and crushing.  Following the picking, the grapes make the short journey to the winery where they are transferred to small stainless tanks and inoculated for fermentation with FX-10, a yeast stain known to bring out the best in Cabernet Sauvignon. Fermentation and maceration lasts about 8 days and is assisted by three traditional hand pump-overs each day to maximize color and flavor release. Color and tannin levels are monitored daily to determine optimum maceration, or contact time. Subsequent to maceration, the wine is drawn off and the skins gently pressed, with the pressed wine added back to the free-run. After a short settling period, the wine is then racked into French oak barrels where it completes malolactic fermentation and is matured for 18 months. Prior to bottling, the wine received a final racking to stainless steel where the blend was assembled and the wine was prepared for bottling.

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